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Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are essential for heavily used and large kitchen areas that serve a significant number of people in buildings. In case of any fire hazard, kitchens pose a threat to the entire internal compartments of the building. The question of what kitchen hood fire suppression systems are addresses all building managers and representatives who face the risk of such a reality.

Small ignition in the kitchen can quickly escalate and jeopardize the entire building. Therefore, having a kitchen hood fire suppression system is crucial to control and suppress any fire at its early stages, preventing potential material damage and loss of life. It is an important intervention method for ensuring the safety of the building and its occupants.

Therefore, Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems are preferred to prevent the escalation of small-scale fires. These suppression systems have an exceptional sensing capability, detecting any unusual ignition instantly and being ready for intervention within seconds. This feature provides great assurance for the personnel working with the system.

Using Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems, especially in kitchens and related internal units, is an important decision to prevent potential significant damages. It is necessary to take precautions in advance regarding fire disasters, which we do not wish to happen, for both occupational safety and worker health.

How Do Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Let's see how automatic, fast, and effective Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems work. Kitchen hoods are responsible for extracting heavy smoke and grease. They serve as an intermediary between the kitchen and the chimney, ensuring that the smoke from cooking and meals is directed to the chimney. Kitchen hood fires that may occur due to overheating are instantly suppressed by Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems equipped with a sensing mechanism. Thus, the fire is controlled before it can escalate.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Calculation

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System calculation refers to the process where experts determine the number of fire tubes that will be automatically installed in the system, the placement of all circuit elements, and the selection of the extinguishing agent. This calculation is the first step towards ensuring a healthy and successful intervention in case of a fire. It is essential to remember that the system installed based on this calculation will control the fire at its early stages.

Given the function that Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems serve, the relevant parties are well aware of the protection they provide. Therefore, when making calculations for the Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System, it is essential to seek the assistance of professional and certified experts. Since an engineer's signature is also required during the project design phase, a qualified approach becomes inevitable.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Technical Specifications

Companies, holdings, factories, hospitals, or public institutions in need of fire suppression systems for their kitchens procure them with Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System technical specifications. This technical specification includes the requirements for the system, such as:

- Characteristics of the extinguishing chemical liquid

- Features of the storage tube containing the extinguishing chemical liquid

- Characteristics of the activation valve

- Features of the activation mechanism

- Specifications required for the electrical, gas cutting, and fan shutdown switches

- Equipment used in the extinguishing liquid discharge line

- Material of the spray nozzles

- Connection method for the manual activation valve

- Characteristics of the detection line and melting detectors

- Considerations in the hydraulic calculation

- Documentation, certification, and user guide

- Training, warranty, service, and spare parts, etc.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Price

For schools, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, holiday resorts, hotels, and restaurants where Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems are used, it is impossible to reach a conclusion remotely regarding the price. It is crucial to establish contact with our company for a professional project planning process and pricing. After conducting the necessary survey and discussions regarding the materials to be used, the pricing and payment terms are shared with our customers.

Having a high-quality Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System that is manufactured to the highest standards will ensure a safe environment. Thus, it is clear that both our customers and our company must adhere to certain national and international standards to protect the premises from fire. The prices determined based on these standards are adjusted to fit the market and business conditions.