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Project Design

During the installation phase of fire installations, after conducting a needs analysis, it is essential to carry out the project design work based on the specified conditions. It is important that these design and planning activities, which must be carried out in compliance with legal regulations, are done by experts and competent professionals in the field.
Malzeme Temini - YSC Yangın

Project design involves technical details and drawings, determining where fire suppression systems will be installed, their effective coverage distances, and the amount of materials to be used. This work enables business owners to fulfill their responsibilities and other legal obligations regarding fire protection in accordance with the regulations. The Project design, supervised by engineers and other technical personnel, are based on ensuring the compatibility of the fire suppression systems with the structure of the buildings and the production activities or services carried out within the facility.

The project design should be carried out by competent experts and should serve as guidance for the installation teams.