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NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression Systems (Gas)

Among various events that can lead to catastrophic disasters, fires are among the top-ranked incidents. There are several precautions people need to take to prevent potential fires. One of the measures taken against fires is the use of Novec 1230 fire suppression systems. Novec 1230 was developed as an alternative to Halon 1301, which was banned due to its harmful effects on the ozone layer. Based on carbon and identified with the code FK-5-1-12, Novec 1230 can be pressurized with nitrogen gas at 25, 42, or 50 bars. It is an approved extinguishing agent by various organizations such as UL, FM, VdS, and LPCB.

Novec 1230 systems are based on the principle of absorbing heat from the environment and intervening in the fire at that point. They can control the fire without affecting the oxygen level, making them effective in fire suppression. Since Novec 1230 gas does not harm the ozone layer, it has been approved by environmental protection agencies. It poses no threat to human health at the required design concentration and is breathable. The atmospheric lifetime of Novec 1230 gas ranges from 3 to 5 days. With a global warming potential factor of 1, this fire suppressant gas does not have any harmful impact on the ozone layer.

NOVEC 1230 Gas Extinguishing Systems

Novec 1230 gas fire suppression systems offer various advantages for fire extinguishment, including their ability to provide several benefits to users. One of these advantages is their ability to use a low amount of gas, which results in occupying less space and producing minimal waste after suppression. These systems can be designed in either multi-cylinder or single-cylinder configurations. It is essential to keep the cylinders outside the protected area.

These systems can be either centralized or modular. In a modular system, cylinders are placed near the protected area, providing localized protection. On the other hand, central systems use cylinder banks with selector valves to protect multiple areas.

Novec 1230 Yangın Söndürme Sistemi

NOVEC 1230 Gas Extinguishing System

Another advantage of Novec 1230 gas fire suppression systems is that it remains in liquid form at room temperature due to its high boiling point. This characteristic allows for easy transportation in liquid containers without the need for pressurized cylinders. This advantage makes it highly suitable for use in areas with limited accessibility.

For rooms protected by chemical gas systems to maintain their fire suppression concentration, they must have airtight properties. Therefore, it is mandatory to conduct room integrity tests according to TS EN 15004 immediately after the system installation and repeat them at least once a year.

NOVEC 1230 Gas Fire Suppression System

Novec 1230 gas fire suppression systems can be installed locally or as part of a larger integrated setup. These systems are widely used in various areas, including:

  1. IT Rooms
  2. Server Rooms
  3. Data Centers
  4. UPS Rooms
  5. Battery Charging Rooms
  6. CCTV Camera Rooms
  7. HV Electrical Rooms
  8. MV Electrical Rooms
  9. Museums
  10. Galleries
  11. Archives
  12. Cargo and Machinery Spaces on Ships
  13. Libraries
  14. Transformer Stations
  15. Laboratories
  16. Various Chemical Storage Areas
  17. Tunnels, Trains, Metro Stations, Airport Control Rooms
  18. Cable Galleries
  19. GSM Link Stations and Cabinets
  20. Natural Gas Distribution Stations
  21. Vault Rooms, ATM Systems, Bank Cash Transport Vehicles
  22. Military Communication Systems, Tanks, and Armored Vehicles

Due to the wide range of applications, Novec 1230 gas fire suppression systems are extensively used and can be easily deployed in various settings. With their non-toxic properties and effective fire suppression capabilities, these systems provide significant protection against potential disasters.